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Fireside Financial Planning, Inc

Fireside Financial Planning, Inc

With more than 30 years experience, Fireside Financial Planning, Inc. offers financial planning and investment advisory services for individuals and small businesses. Whether you`re looking for financial advice, investment counseling, or a comprehensive financial plan, Fireside combines personal attention with the ability to clearly communicate your options in simple, understandable language.

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Fireside Tax Consulting, Inc

Fireside Tax Consulting, Inc

With more than 35 years of experience, Fireside Tax Consulting, Inc. offers comprehensive tax preparation, planning and representation services for individuals and small businesses.  Whether you`re looking for the convenience of tax return preparation or advice on sophisticated tax planning, Fireside combines personal attention with the ability to patiently communicate complex situations in simple, clear terms.

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Small Businesses

Trusts & Estates

Multiple Year Non-Filers

Financial Planning

Retirement Planning

Money Management

Trusts & Estates

College Planning

Insurance Advisement


Portfolio Diversification

Socially Responsible &

Faith-Based Investing Choices

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Tax Checklist PDF

Take an inventory of your tax situation and documents with our tax checklist. This checklist is also part of our annual beginning-of-year mailing to existing clients.

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Non-Cash Deduction Guides

This page includes the "Used Price" search engine, the Goodwill valuation guide, and the Salvation Army valuation guide.

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Living Trust Primer

Don't have a living trust yet? Take a look to see what a living trust can do for you!

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If Something Should Happen...

How to Organize Your Financial and Legal Affairs

From the American Institute for Economic Research. Includes information on decisions to make, documents to have, and space to record the summary your estate.

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Estate Management Checklist

Whether your estate situation is simple or complicated, here's a checklist to get started!

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Emergency Supplies

A guide from the CDC towards earthquake preparedness- useful for any kind of disaster.

Lists include first aid kits, home survival kits, vehicle survival kits, and workplace survival kits.

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